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Chefs Mikey Lawrence and Edgar Arellano of Black Wolf Supper Club

Mikey & Edgar

Chefs and business partners Mikey Lawrence and Edgar Arellano began cooking together in 2010, working side-by-side at Eugene, Oregon’s esteemed Belly Restaurant and Belly Taqueria. With the success of these two restaurants and the strong bonds they’d forged on the line, Mikey and Edgar planned bigger moves. In 2016, they opened Buck Buck, a fried chicken and biscuit food cart. Buck Buck was a hit, and the two were quick to leverage the community's support; they pooled their talents once again to fulfill the shared dream of opening a restaurant of their own. One year to the day from Buck Buck’s opening, Mikey and Edgar launched Black Wolf Supper Club.

Originally a Cajun concept restaurant, Black Wolf has grown into its identity, playfully and organically merging soulful, nostalgic cooking, elevated touches that nod to the chefs’ fine dining backgrounds, and a host of flavors and technique culled from their foundational experience in international cuisines. Black Wolf is a celebration of good food and drink, honoring the old while embracing the new, and with two passionate chef-owners and a strong team in place, the restaurant has carved out its niche in the community. Black Wolf Supper Club is a spot for chillers, thugs, moms and grandparents to have the time of their lives; boozin', dinin' and partyin' in a historic downtown location.

Gangstas don't dance, they boogie!

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